What you say

“A deep exploration into the body beyond words and ideas. Exploring within a safe container… curiosity and awake-ness….taking time to sloooww down and listen to the subtlety of the inner flow…how this body, this being, this breath moves… before the words. Exploring connection in its simplicity, with self, with other, in the moment, in naturalness. Innocence, trust, energy. Quiet inner movement, expressing itself in its simple form, without needing….anything else…anything on top. What is this amazing thing, this body, this vehicle I inhabit? Curiosity, questioning….inquiring into the deliciousness of what it is to Be….alive.. Beautifully held & led by Laurence, so deeply embodied by her that it feels the most natural and obvious thing for her to share & offer this sacred work of Sensitive Dance. Thank you thank you from deep inside.”

Lila Anamika


“Each time I have taken part in one of Laurence’s classes, I have journeyed deep into my being and emerged nourished and connected. She holds a very beautiful space for conscious movement both inside and out in nature. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is seeking somatic congruence.”

Tara Hazel Loveridge