“My desire is to support you to become more present and at home in yourself, so you can enjoy being all of the unique human being that you are, guided by love, living an embodied and thriving life.”

From my own experience, a workshop or session providing a safe space for exploration is a great way to overcome barriers, reconnect with yourself and make new connections that will support you on your journey. It is to provide such spaces that I have created Slowing-Down, offering workshops, retreats and private sessions, indoors and in nature, where I share my favourite somatic practices, anchored in love and body awareness.

My work is rooted in Sensitive Dance® which I have practiced for 18 years and trained in with Claude Coldy. I am a School of Being teacher, trained in Living Tantra with Jan Day.  
I am a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner, and trained as a “Free The Inner Voice” Facilitator with Nikki Slade. Inspirations include Movement of Being (Fanny Behrens and Colin Harrison), 5 Rhythms (many teachers, including Gabrielle Roth), Contact Improvisation and numerous precious masters along the way, as well as being an Architect for numerous years, working in Nature Conservation and building Communities.

“Each time I have taken part in one of Laurence’s classes, I have journeyed deep into my being and emerged nourished and connected. She holds a very beautiful space for conscious movement both inside and out in nature. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is seeking somatic congruence.” Tara Hazel Loveridge

“The way you give to us was very attentive, benevolent, full of love!” N.Wergifosse

“How I experienced you, Uma: I could sense the personal deep synthesis of a large body of experience and knowledge and the on-going research. I enjoyed your light-heart, your humour and your tranquility with us, and your flexibility.” Giovanna Bonito