Thaï Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage or Traditional Thai Massage is based on convergent health practices, originating from China, India and beyond. Did you know? It is said that Shivago Komarpaj, Buddha’s physician, renowned for his extraordinary medical skills and knowledge, was already using the technique over 2500 ago.

Thai Massage is a one-on-one massage where the receiver remains clothed. The massage practitioner will apply rhythmic pressure on flow lines, called Sen, that correspond generally to anatomical and fluid circulation lines. There are 10 main Sens all across the body. The practitioner may use all parts of their body to rock, to generate pressure and to move the receiver into various yoga-like position in order to stretch the body and open up the Sen lines for a deeper work. A massage generally lasts 90 minutes.

Thai massage helps to relax, relieve aching muscles and boost energy. It does increase circulation and flexibility and provides a general sense of well-being.