Living Tantra

Living Tantra

This practice offers an opportunity to truly come to know and appreciate yourself, loosening old patterns and bringing awareness to the present, accepting and truly loving yourself, including your physical form, feeling into your needs and desires, leading to thriving in life – powered by relationship expert and coach Jan Day (

The School of Being Network

Teachers who, like me, have completed the 18 month Living Tantra Training with Jan Day, and who have subsequently assisted and deepened their ability to be with people in a caring, compassionate way to encourage each person to live their fullest potential in all areas of their life, are members of the Shool of Being Network. Some of us offer workshops based on the work that Jan teaches. Others are adapting and applying the learning from their training with Jan to a body of work that they were already teaching.

Living Tantra at Slowing Down

This intense training has given me the opportunity to work and hold space for groups of all sizes, and I naturally and smoothly embed the values of this way of life in my workshops and retreats, either by the warmth I accompany the participants with or more directly by the structures I propose.