3 Key ingredients of a great Conscious Touch experience and some insights

Last week, we offered an evening of Conscious Touch in Bristol to a group of 11 participants. A few days later, I am still vibrating from the beautiful spirit that reigned and the gentle softness that flourished. I am incredibly grateful to each person who came to have engaged authentically with the invitations offered during the workshop. In response to the group’s individual feedback and my own experience as co-facilitator, I share my personal reflections about some of the insights coming from the event.

  • Most of us are craving quality touch, a touch that is given in a respectful and caring way, without expectations.
  • Physical touch can lead to pleasure and enhance the awareness of our sexual nature. It’s up to us to acknowledge and feel into it and choose whether it is appropriate to act on it.
  • A space that allows exploration without judgement is necessary to fine tune with one’s own boundaries, yes’s and no’s.
  • I can only say a true yes if I also can say no.
  • Expressing one’s own boundaries, particularly in a generally non-verbal context of physical touch, is empowering, self-affirming and helps to create an environment where trust can blossom.
  • To give fully and to receive fully are the two precious sides of being alive.


So, can you name 3 key ingredients to create a great Conscious Touch experience?

1. Inviting sensuality – the realm of the Body:

Allow yourself to feel.

Slow down, breathe, let go of judgements and ideas… Receive the information from your body of all the sensations coming to you.  Enjoyable, voluptuous, energising, tingly, laughter creating, ecstatic, relaxing, soft… be curious of what it might tell you and how deep it is touching you. Are you not already feeling much more present?

2. Inviting intimacy – the realm of the Heart:

Allow yourself to know and share yourself.

Intimacy starts within, from acknowledging what is happening. Let yourself be touched by your experience, dare to be vulnerable and simply communicate from that place, opening your heart to another and receiving them in the same way. This courageous way of being will create deeper connections and increase trust, which in turn are necessary ingredients for safety and respected boundaries.

3. Inviting Playfulness – the realm of the Spirit:

Allow yourself to be spacious and light.

Be curious about what brings you joy, about the places you get stuck, the patterns already visited, the hidden parts and challenge yourself, trusting the process of living. Feel where the spark is and make that step to get out of your comfort zone and connect to your aliveness.



From my own experience, a workshop or individual session providing a safe space for exploration is a great way for participants to overcome barriers, reconnect with themself and make new connections that will support them on their journey. It is to provide such spaces that I have created Slowing-Down, offering workshops, individual sessions and retreats where I share my favourite somatic practices, anchored in love and body awareness.


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