3 WAYS TO MEET YOUR NEEDS IN PHYSICAL TOUCH – Part 3: We’re in this together

or… More of us have come home to the fact that touch is vital part of life…
Here are 3 places to look for to get your needs met.

#3 Dancing

Movement and dance can provide you with a lot of quality touch. Pick your favourite! With most partner dances, like Tango or Salsa, you will be in close touch with your dance partner and learn new skills at the same time! Among my best recommended practices, Contact Improvisation is a playful form of dance revolving around giving each other weight following a rolling point of contact. And, my favourite practice, Sensitive Dance invites you to slow down to feel the movements within and bring awareness to surfaces of contact moment by moment. This conscious movement practice invites you to listen and give presence to each other through physical touch.

#2 Touch therapy

Become an expert. Why not join a massage training course near you for example? You will give and receive lots of touch during the training. Just giving touch also helps to release oxytocin. And being able to give a massage puts you in an ideal place for a massage exchange, do you see what I am touching on here? It works for me ! Alternatively, join a group of free huggers!

#1 Conscious touch

Increasingly, people are choosing to meet with like-minded people in a safely held environment in order to explore a broader range of touch, whether it is through tantra (see Living Tantra) or other practices like Cuddle workshops. The advantage of a held space is that you meet like-minded people. Another advantage is that it offers great conditions for you to explore physical touch at your own pace outside of your habitual context with the support of a facilitator. This is why I call it Conscious Touch.



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