or… Hurray there is life on your island!…
Here are three ways to reaching out for what you need!

#3 Find a cat

Is there a cat on your island? Cats provide great 4-paws massage and their purring is the best tension reliever. Jerry is a great master to me about reaching out for what I want: she never fails to let me know when it’s caress time, particularly when I have gone into “work mode”. Plus, she is great at letting me know without shame what she likes and what she doesn’t like. Caressing a cat will provide you with great returns in relaxation and delicious sensations. Be careful… It might open your heart too.

#2 Find a professional

Professional massage will bring you relaxation and relief of tensions. Some practices like Shiatsu and Thai Massage will re-balance your energy too. There is a lot on offer, and it’s great if you can get a recommendation. Take time to set an intention for the massage you receive, being letting go, receiving, or any blessing and the results might exceed your expectations!

#1 Find a friend

Exchange a hug for three long synchronised breaths (not the A-frame type of hug, more the full belly kind of hug), it will recharge your batteries for a good while. The lovely thing about touch is that as you give physical contact, you also receive physical contact.

And on top of that, it’s great for bonding, creating trust and closeness and it is a great way to show love and compassion. 3 to 5 of those hugs a day and you’ll be a much healthier happier you. Your love partner might be open to explore new ways of touch with you too. This could bring a totally new spicy life to your relationship.

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